Iranian foreign minister starts Latin American tour in Cuba

August 22, 2016

Iran’s foreign minister has visited Cuba, the Island of Freedom became a starting point for his Latin American tour. According to Mohammad Javad Zarif, Cuba and Iran are united by histories because both countries resisting what he called U.S. atrocities.

Mohammad Javad Zarif, the foreign minister of Iran, has begun his Latin American tour. On Monday he noted in the statement that Iran’s position and its resistance to the US are the only way for developing country, its independence and winning in this fight.

Iranian foreign ministry noted that communist-run government of Cuba had a similar position, the proud island state has survived even during the half-century-old US trade embargo.

Tour of Zarif started with Cuba, next visits the minister will pay to Nicaragua, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia and Venezuela. the main aim of the tour is firming up the ties between the Iranian government and Latin American countries.