Islam Karimov: Uzbekistan holds funeral for president

September 3, 2016

The President Islam Karimov died after a stroke this week aged 78, his funeral has taken place in the city of Samarkand. The US President Barack Obama remind in a statement the US remained “committed to partnership with Uzbekistan, to its sovereignty, security, and to a future based on the rights of all its citizens”.

The Uzbekistan leader Islam Karimov died at his 78, today whole nation is mourning. Thousands of people lined the streets of Tashkent, throwing flowers as last Karimov’s cortege passed. The main achievement of President Karimov was the stability in the Uzbekistan and its balancing role in the Central Asia, say experts.

Islam Karimov ruled for 27 years, his presidency was autocratic, during these years his government was accused by human rights groups of harshly repressing dissent. Despite it on the day of the funeral the thousands of people were crying and mourning for Karimov. Now Uzbekistan is the total uncertainty — who will succeed Islam Karimov? Mister President ruled for more than a quarter of a century, without naming a successor, and his death could well spark a struggle for power behind the scenes.