Ivanka Trump returns to dad’s campaign trail

October 17, 2016

Ivanka Trump said her father ‘is not groper’, but last week she took an unexplained pause from the dad’s campaign trail. This absence of Ivanka coincided with the release of a bombshell video where father Trump is common groper.

Ivanka Trump is back to dad’s campaign trail, however, she missed a very interesting moment. Last week, Donald Trump was accused several times at groping the women. Trump’s daughter is a chief ambassador to women has returned to the stump, sounding familiar themes about faith and family that have made her an asset to father’s campaign.

Ivanka Trump noted that “Politics is a vicious business,” on Thursday, she made a statement:

“It is certainly not for the faint of heart. It does sort of extend and there is sort of the collateral damage and implications to families as well.”

Donald Trump with his family
Donald Trump with his family

Ivanka Trump was appearing in the Pennsylvania city’s suburbs, these zones are a must-win area for Donald Trump. His daughter did not mention the tape or the sexual abuse charges to the friendly voters she encountered. The wise young woman told about her personal values and commitment to affordable child care, adding that the faith means for her a lot:

“Faith is what I always turn to. Always.”

Ivanka Trump converted to Judaism in 2009 when she married Jared Kushner and is now a Sabbath-observant Modern Orthodox Jew.