Ivanka Trump and son channel Kate Middleton and Prince George in photo

Last Updated: March 13, 2017

Ivanka Trump is channelling Kate Middleton, both young and popular mothers often share adorable photos with their offsprings. And the recent first daughter’s photos looks alike The Duchess of Cambridge’s ones.

Daughter of the President of the US likes to share the cute photos of her three kids, the youngster always smiles on the photo and collect the positive comments in mum’s accounts. Kate Middleton probably is the sample of the mother-son image for Ivanka, last month the first daughter shared a similar photo with Theodore, the snap looks very much like the reminiscent picture of Kate and Prince George in 2014.

Much like the Windsor-Mountbatten family, Ivanka’s recent Instagram picture showed the first daughter and her son in White House. Now, Ivanka with her husband live in Washington, DC, the ex-businesswoman is raising up three kids and she is very busy with the settling entire family into their new home and schools. Sometimes, the young generation is visiting the grandfather in his White House.

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