Ivanka Trump’s collection failed at Nordstrom: the stores emptying the shelves of unpopular goods

February 4, 2017

Ivanka Trump is an experienced business lady and the founder of her own brand of clothing and accessories. Last week Ivanka found out that her fashion collection failed at Nordstrom, the shops just remove the clothes of the shelves, there is no demand for the Ivanka trump Collection at all.

Ivanka Trump Collection was always a luxury brand with the strong demand. However, the election of Donald Trump did a disservice to Ivanka and her fashion empire. Last week, it turned out that the collection of clothing and accessories was selling so poorly that stores like Nordstrom simply removed it from the shops.

The giant Nordstrom made a decision to remove the items from the Ivanka Trump Collection because of an extremely low demand, that was very unexpectedly to understand that Americans don’t want to buy these luxury items.

Ivanka Trump looked downcast Friday afternoon as she headed out for the weekend

Ivanka faced to the business fiasco

Ivanka Trump spent five years on the creation and strengthening her own business. The clothing line was selling quite dynamic but Donald Trump and his victory in the presidential elections in 2016 made Americans to boycott whole Trump family. And Ivanka’s eye now full of tears, she never thought that all the things in politics and business tied so tightly.

As a result, Nordstrom made an official announcement on Thursday, in which a giant says about cutting their business ties with Ivanka. The daughter took the kids and flew away at Mar-a-Lago to have some counselling with her father. Nordstrom wasn’t the only shop who rejected Ivanka’s collection, bitter news came from Neiman Marcus as well.