Jimmy Feigen, U.S. swimmer in Lochte scandal, pays to leave Rio

August 19, 2016

Jimmy Feigen has to pay a lot of money to leave Rio with no scandal. The U.S. swimmer, who involved into in Lochte scandal, has reached a deal to leave Brazil. The swimmer made a donation about $11,000 to a sports academy for kids in Brazil, informed Feigen’s lawyer on Friday.

Another U.S. Olympic swimmer, Jimmy Feigen, has settled the scandal with robbery in Rio. To leave Brazil, he has to pay. The press reported a robbery, which took place in Rio with Ryan Lochte and Jimmy Feigen. As a matter of fact, the swimmers’ tale about a criminal incident was fake.

Jimmy Feigen, gold medal winner, apologizes in his Twitter for such a behavior, now he left Rio, after returning to him his passport. According to the Rio police, U.S. athlete Feigen donated to the Instituto Reacao about $11,000 as an apology for his inappropriate behavior in Rio.