Kim Kardashian pierced her nails, let the old unpractical trend be back

Last Updated: January 28, 2017

Kim Kardashian is back online and now the celeb is doing her best to attract attention to herself. Because Kim is not able to offer something intelligent or valuable to her Snapchat she decided to take the minds of fans in another trifle. The KUWTK star showed off the old new nail design, shock and thrill! Meet the new trend of Kim K. — the unpractical and ugly pierced nails.

Kim Kardashian in her Snapchat account offered a new trend, the people call her a ‘trendsetter,’ you know. So, last night, in the video in Snapchat Kim showed her new manicured hands. The pierced nails, according to Kanye West’s wife is a trend.

Kim recently Snapchatted her pierced nails and, honestly speaking, the only loyal fans of Kardashian is able to see this video from its very end.

Secret Project — that’s the name of an another beauty initiative of Kim K. Will this trend be popular? Hardly. First of all, it’s hard to maintain such kind of a manicure, secondly, even if you’ve coped with it, these nails are totally unpractical. Nevertheless, the power of Kim is able to change the nail game.

Kim K and her old new nail trend

In other words, even the total impracticality means this trend is still a peak for Kim Kardashian. Sounds absurdly but people loves anything Kim offers to do, especially when it looks stupid. Someone call it creativity.