King Tut’s tomb likely has hidden, undiscovered rooms

February 17, 2017

King Tutankhamun left a lot of mysteries, one of them is his tomb where the Italian archaeologists from the Polytechnic University in Turin likely found undiscovered rooms. The most famous pharao’s tomb was discovered in 1922, since then the scientists from all over the world reveal new facts about the life and habits of the ancient Egyptian ruler.

The Egyptian King Tut’s tomb was investigated by the Italian research team from the Polytechnic University in Turin, its senior specialist professor Franco Porcelli has a great plan to find the secret, hidden chamber, reports

King Tut's tomb likely has hidden, undiscovered rooms

In February 2017, the Italian physics and archaeologists are going to enter the King Tut’s tomb and scan the depths as much as 32 feet. From 2015, it will the third attempting of the scientists to identify the location of an undiscovered hidden room in a tomb.

“This will be the final investigation. We will provide an answer which is 99 percent definitive,”

Porcelli explained.

The British colleague of Mr Porcelli, Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves, support the opinion about the hidden spaces in the walls of the tomb. According to him, the high-resolution images of the tomb reveal what appear to be straight lines that were previously hidden by colour and the stones’ texture. Lines such as these could indicate the presence of a sealed chamber.