Marco Rubio: political comeback after winning Florida senate primary

Last Updated: August 31, 2016

Marc Rubio intends to be back in politic after winning Florida senate primaries. The Republican senators have an uneasy relationship with Donald Trump, whom he felt obliged to endorse as the party’s presidential nominee. 

Marco Rubio won the senate primaries in Florida, that gives him a strength to talk about the political comeback. The crucial senate races are in two keys states of the US: Florida and Arizona. And yesterday’s night of comebacks was sealed by winnings of Marco Rubio and John McCain.

Facing tougher opposition from Democrats in November, the two big-name senators who once had eyes on the White House are instead on the frontline of their party’s battle to hold on to power in the US Senate.

Despite announcing his decision to seek re-election only two months ago, Marc Rubio saw off a challenge from Carlos Beruff, which supports Trump, to win the Republican nomination by a fantastic 72 percentage points to 18.