Microbes help plants survive in severe drought

October 4, 2016

Microbes help plants to resist the drought and survive in the severe and dry Californian environment. The publication in the journal Current Plant Biology told about the discovery of the scientists from the University of Washington.

Planta are able to survive even in the severe drought if they have one special microbe. According to the biologist Sharon Doty, a UW professor of environmental and forest sciences, plants that are given a dose of microbes stay green longer and are able to withstand drought conditions by growing more leaves and roots and using less water.

“Plants are less stressed if they have these natural microbes. They will help plants deal with environmental challenges, especially with climate change,”

said professor Doty.

The Doty’s lab in the last 15 years was involved into the exploring of this symbiosis between the plant and microbe. In an inhospitable environment like drought, microbes are serving as only and a natural fertilizer.