Microsoft opens special showroom for business clients

September 17, 2016

Microsoft opens in Bellevue its special showroom for business clients. The Redmond company is set to open a Microsoft Technology Center, where the technologies joined 40 other sales-focused facilities of Microsoft. All of them operate from the East of US to Asia region.

Microsoft opened on Wednesday a special showroom for business clients. Mark Perry, the head of Redmond company’s facility, explained the goal of such a center. According to him, it’s less hawking Microsoft products, and more helping inform customers of what’s possible with the range of technologies Microsoft offers. Mr. Perry said:

“Our sales teams are great at telling customers our (products’) features and capabilities. But we actually show it here.”

Microsoft opens special showroom for business clients
Microsoft’s special showroom for business clients, Bellevue. September 14, 2016

Microsoft offer to use the spaces in business and government organizations, these clients should appreciate the opportunities to try out new tools. The Bellevue location, at the Lincoln Square tower, also offers marvelous views of the nature landscapes.