Microsoft stops making the Surface 3 in December

June 26, 2016

The Microsoft’s Surface 3 will disappear from the store shelves, the decision about stopping the manufacturing the low-cost tablet is, finally, made. From December above mentioned gadget is leaving the market. The company reports that stock is “limited,” so if you’re a big fan of the Surface 3, go ahead!

The Surface 3 from Microsoft is leaving the market for good. At the end of December, the manufacturing of this tablet will be stopped. A logical question is whether or not there will be a replacement around that time, assuming there is one in the works. Undoubtedly, that the next Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book are the bestsellers in this hardware generation.

The experts say that Atom chip and limited storage make it a tough sell as a laptop replacement, and the Surface 3 made the barrier low being given to Surface 3  tablet a  pen support and a full app system. Who knows, maybe the Surface 3 made Microsoft stronger, this low-cost tablet showed what NOT to do with hardware in the future. That’s a great experience, too!