Nicole Kidman, Colin Farrel at the premiere of The Killing of a Sacred Deer at the Cannes Film Festival

May 23, 2017

Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell are stars of the Cannes Film Festival, this actors duo oozed chemistry when they shared a look at the premiere. Their drama The Killing of a Sacred Deer was praised by the critics.

The Moulin Rouge actress came to the premiere of her new film with her husband Keith Urban. Colin Farrel (Nicole’s on-screen husband in The Killing of a Sacred Deer) and other guests of the evening were just astounded with Kidman’s beautiful outfit. Her crisp white tutu-esque design that cascaded to the ground, she was looking like a princess.

Adoring husband: Nicole blushed and hid her face in her hand as Keith laughed and showed her off

Nicole Kidman shared a moment with her on-screen husband Colin Farrell at the premiere, when the pair enjoyed an embrace. Their on-screen duo was very organic, undoubtedly, the drama touched the hearts of the viewers at the Cannes Film Festival.

2017 Cannes Film Fest: Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrel presented their new film

Nicole Kidman opted for the premiere of The Killing of a Sacred Deer the robe cut off at the ankles, allowing access’ shiny black heels to peep out from under the hem of the garment delicately.

The oversized romantic skirt was coordinated with a tight-fitting black bodice, with unusual straps that stretched from her navel to her shoulders in a V shape.

Gracious couple: The former American Idol judge kissed Nicole's hand as she blushed and looked demure in her ballerina-style gown, which featured straps that went from her navel to her shoulders in a V shape