Nicole Kidman has the strangest clap you’ve ever seen

February 27, 2017

Nicole Kidman was one of the beautiful women at the Oscar ceremony last night but her way to clap perplexed the watchers. The Australian A-list actress ‘clapped like Grinch’, noted the social networks. The video of clapping Kidman became a viral one.

Nicole Kidman who was nominated for Best Supporting Actress, has the strangest clap you’ve ever seen. Last night the camera showed how exactly the star of Lion is doing the clap. The woman preferred to use in this process not entire hands but palms only. Her finger didn’ take part in the clapping, which looked rather weird.

Kidman lost to Viola Davis last evening, and her strange clapping was looking rather insincere, stressed one of Twitter users. In other words, the Oscar ceremony left million of questions, one of the biggest still is – Why does Nicole Kidman clap so strangely?!

Here’s the full video below.