Nike’s fiasco on Wimbledon: the most impractical sportswear

June 29, 2016

This year, Wimbledon tournament showed the most strange sportswear for women players. The unprofessionalism of Nike designers was obvious. Poor Lucie Šafářová was struggling with her balloon dress instead of thinking of a game, set, and match. Nike tennis dress made her game awful and awkward sometimes.

Wimbledon in 2016 arose the only one question: why did Nike design such an impractical dress for the female players it sponsors? It seems, the designer just hates the sport itself. There’s the only explanation to the £75 Premier Slam dress: poor tennis players were totally distracted by the dress and were not able to concentrate on the game.

Tennis stars like Serena Williams and Sabine Lisicki have both reportedly refused to wear Nike ‘Haute couture’. “I tried it on but didn’t feel comfortable showing that much,” Lisicki said. Young Katie Swan was totally disoriented with her stupid balloon Nike dress, so tennis player just tucked it into her shorts. And STARTED to play at last. Her photo wearing the sponsor’s dress became viral:

Ms Katie Swan on the court of Wimbledon is struggling with her unbelievable Nike dress
Ms Katie Swan on the court of Wimbledon is struggling with her unbelievable Nike dress

Nike after such fiasco asked players to return it for alterations last week. Players don’t expect to have to redesign kit to make it fit for purpose. Actually, Wimbledon court is not a runway, it’s one of the four the most important courts of this planet. And the wear issues shouldn’t distract player at all.

In fact, Wimbledon’s code is the toughest on the grand slam circuit. Guidelines demand competitors “be dressed in suitable tennis attire that is almost entirely white” as soon as they “enter the court surround”. No off-white, neither cream, just a white dress. That’s all. Sportswear should be the second skin for the player, otherwise, it just distracts and makes the player nervous.