North Korea says will treat U.S. detainees under ‘wartime law’

July 12, 2016

The blacklisting North Korea leader Kim Jong Un by the U.S. has a fast reaction: official Pyongyang indicated that wartime laws would mean detainees will not be released on humanitarian grounds. 

Last week the U.S. was blacklisted the leader of the North Korea for human rights abuses. On Monday, Pyongyang had informed Washington it will cut the only channel of communication between them, at the UN in New York. Consequently, any matter related to the U.S. will be conducted under its “wartime law.” In other words, the handling of American detainees the N. Korea will handle under ‘wartime law’ too.

The reason for such escalation of tension is Pyongyang’s nuclear activity, condemned by the UN. After the recent statement of the United States and South Korea, in which countries informed on deploying the THAAD missile defense system in South Korea, Pyongyang said about its own response to the system and to the sanctions on Kim Jong Un.