North Korea is willing to meet with the Trump administration, diplomat Choi Sun-hee says

May 14, 2017

North Korea’s diplomatic corps is willing to meet with American colleagues from Trump administration. The tensions between two countries have reached its boiling point, so it is the right time for talks, believes the top diplomat Choi Sun-hee.

The North Korean diplomat has expressed a new point of view: Pyongyang would be willing to meet with the Trump administration for talks on the nuclear issue “if the conditions are set.” On Saturday, this news caused hot discussion in the press.

Ms Choi Sun-hee handles relations with the U.S., and while her travelling from Norway to North Korea, she spoke briefly to reporters in Beijing. In Norway, the diplomat led a delegation that held an informal meeting with former U.S. officials and scholars.

According to the diplomat, North Korea and the U.S. can return soon to negotiations for the first time since 2008. President Trump opened the door this month to negotiations, saying he would be “honoured” to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Donald Trump

The US and North Korea: tensions over the nuclear tests

The US is ready to talk the nuclear tests issue, the tensions have mounted in recent months can not be endless. Probably, this raising possibility of talks should be used as soon is possible. The devastating nuclear counterattack could not be the solution, Russian president Vladimir Putin and Kapan prime minister Shinzo Abe were first who offered the peace talks.

In Norway, Ms Choi met with former U.S. officials and scholars for what are known as “track 2” talks. The talks, which cover a range of nuclear, security and bilateral issues, are held intermittently and are an informal opportunity for the two sides to exchange opinions and concerns.