Old bridge spanning western NY gorge imploded this Thursday

June 3, 2016

On Thursday morning, the old bridge in western New York was collapsed by the remote controlled explosion. This operation was thoroughly planned and successfully fulfilled; the preparation for it was carried out for a long time. Governor Andrew Cuomo personally pressed the plunger, and imploding the bridge watched many journalists and officials from the city administration.

On June 2nd, the bridge across the gorge in the western part of New York was destroyed by the explosion. Planned imploding operation made it possible for the State Department of Transportation to begin construction of a new modern bridge with the budget $17 million. The Governor Andrew Cuomo personally pressed the plunger. Old Route 219 hit down into 200-feet Zoar Valley Gorge. The weight of the bridge was 25 million pounds, say the experts of the State Department of Transportation.

On Thursday, at 10 o’clock roads next to the old bridge were closed for a half an hour. Construction crews immediately began to clean up the place from the wreckage of the old bridge, which was built in the late 1950s. The new bridge will connect Erie and Cattaraugus counties 30 miles south of Buffalo, new bridge will cost nearly $ 17 million. The new Route 219 twin bridges are visible in the background.