An opposition member has been elected to Belarus’ Parliament since 1996

September 12, 2016

An opposition member in Belarus’ Parliament became a real sensation, it the first time since 1996. According to the official data, Anna Konopatskaya and Elena Anisim were both elected.

Belarus Parliament got two opposition members, Mrs. Konopatskaya is a member of the opposition United Civil Party, and Mrs. Anisim reportedly ties with an opposition. For the last 20 years, it is the first time when in Belarus Parliament will seat the oppositions. According to the experts, it could signal better relations with the West, despite a disagreement over Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

The acting President Lukashenko rules the country from 1994, and the opposition was not expected to gain any from 100 seats in Parliament since 1996. Alexander Lukashenko commented the success of opposition:

“We’ve done everything so that there aren’t complaints from the Western side. We accommodated their requests.”