Ivanka Trump and Paul Ryan met in New York City

September 20, 2016

Ivanka Trump requested a meeting with the House Speaker Paul Ryan, on Monday they met in New York City. The source familiar with the meeting said that daughter of Donald Trump had the “productive conversation” with Mr. Ryan.

Ivanka Trump and Paul Ryan met at the New York Economic Club on Monday. The House Speaker Ryan delivered there a speech, and daughter of Trump requested a meeting with Ryan to discuss some points of the presidential campaign.

Ryan has an experience how to be a part’s nominee, he learned a lot of useful things in 2012, when he was a Republican ticket as the party’s candidate for vice president. The Trump family and Ryan have not especially warm relationships, Ryan has publicly condemned some of Trump’s aggressive rhetoric.

However, the meeting with Ivanka Trump was rather productive, the daughter of Donald Trump is very concerned with the father’s campaign. According to the schedule, next week the Republican candidate is set to debate Hillary Clinton, for the first time.