Planet located 1,200 light years away from Earth could be habitable

May 31, 2016

UCLA scientists informed on surprising fact. Lonely planet in space located 1,200 light-years from Earth could have harbour life. Astrophysics suppose to think that planet has liquid water on its surface, and hence is able to have habitable world. Kepler Mission in 2013 named a planet Kepler-62f.

Astrophysics from University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) came up with probable scenarios to understand whether the planet Kepler-62f could sustain life. 2013 Kepler Mission did not reveal any data regarding planet’s orbit shape, atmosphere or its composition. But Kepler-62f is farther away from Sun than our planet, consequently it needs a higher amount of carbon dioxide to be warm. Otherwise liquid water on its surface could freeze an to make planet inhabitable.

UCLA’s scientists said that Kepler-62f needs to have at least 0.12-0.2 percent of carbon dioxide in its atmosphere. Such quantity could guarantee a habitable of the planet. Furthermore, such a state is in fact quite possible for the planet owing to the distance from its star. The scientists calculated the possibility by mapping Kepler-62f’s orbital path with an existing computer model called HNBody. “We found there are multiple atmospheric compositions that allow it to be warm enough to have surface liquid water. This makes it a strong candidate for a habitable planet,” said Aomawa Shields, lead researcher of the study.