Debate Poll : Who Do You Think Won The Last Presidential Debate? Vote Now

Post Debate Poll is located on the right sidebar.

The last presidential debate is finally over with. Now we can actually start voting and end this two year long campaign. I think I speak for us all, when I say we are tired of this election.

Who do you think won the Presidential Debate? One thing we can agree on, this format worked much better than the last one.

The poll on the right sidebar asks for your opinion on who won the debate. This will hopefully serve as an accurate post debate poll, something much better than what the main networks produce.

Debate Personal Notes: (Read my full post tomorrow)

  • McCain is still pushing for the government to buy up home loans, I have an extreme problem with this. McCain is supposidly a “conservative”… Yeah…
  • Obama : “Middle class, middle class, middle class”
  • McCain will not win his tax argument… He needs to propose something that would actually benefit everybody. How about a flat tax? Please…
  • McCain’s health care policy, is horrible… But then again… so is nationalized healthcare.
  • McCain needs to understand that “drill baby drill” means nothing, this is something Palin knows.
  • McCain Continues to push Clinton’s policies
  • Both candidates refused to name real policies to cut, except McCain did mention cutting Bush’s ethanol policies, that’s good.
  • I cannot believe McCain mentioned the projector!
  • Good for McCain for saying he is not Bush.
  • McCain mentioned “the T-Shirts” for those who know what he was talking about, I hope you are as scared for America as I am. While he could not have mentioned more, it is very much on par with what has been shouted at Palin rallies.
  • Obama should have not laughed at Acorn… How about actually say you don’t agree the organization?

Post your thoughts below! Post Debate Poll is located on the right sidebar.


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