Did the Debate Help or Hurt McCain?

debatesWe have been saying over and over again how important it is for John McCain to get his message across, to give details on exactly what he plans to do.  The debate this past Wednesday was his last chance to reach a wide audience, was he able to do it?

Not according to the latest poll from Rasmussen Reports which shows that 47% of the voters say Obama won the debate and just 33% say it was McCain.  But, 21% were undecided.  That does not mean they do not know who they are going to vote for, they just did not think there was a decisive winner in the debate.

The general consensus was that McCain needed to win big.  He did not do it. He came across as nervous and unsure of himself and Obama just the opposite. So, who do the voters think explained his position better?  There is 51% who said it was Obama, more than thought he won the debate. With McCain, it is 33%, the same that thought he won the debate.  Where did the extra come from Obama ?  From those who were not sure if there was a winner.

Breaking down the demographics, there are some surprises. On who won the debate, Obama got 45% of the men and 47% of the women. McCain. 36% of the men and 30% of the women.  By party, Obama was thought the winner by 76% of the Democrats, 16% of the Republicans and 42% of the third party and independent voters.  McCain was thought the winner by 11% of the Democrats, 60% of the Republicans and 31% of the third party and independent voters.  McCain needs to grab the independents and third party members.  He is not doing it.  Even members of his own party were not positive.

When it comes to who presented his policies the best, Obama
got the thumbs up from 74% of the Democrats, 22% of the Republicans and 54% of the independent and third party members while McCain got 62% of the Republicans, 12% of the Democrats and just 27% of the independents and third party members.

McCain is not connecting with the groups he needs to. As a matter of fact, he is doing worse, not better. With just 17 days to go, time is running out fast. Personally, I don’t think he is going to change his tactics, even though the voters have consistently said that they do not want any of the negative attacks that have been the basis of the McCain campaign.  And the effects do not affect him alone.  Later, we will look at how he is affecting the balance of power in both the Senate and House of Representatives.


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