Does Hillary Clinton Really Want Barack Obama to be the Next President?

clinton obamaDoes Hillary Clinton really want Barack Obama to be the winner in November. Not really, at least according to the latest poll from Rasmussen Reports.

There latest poll shows that the American voters, in large part, are just not sure. The results showed that 37% believe she want him to be the next President, 33% say she does not and 30% are just not sure. Like I have said before, she is going to be campaigning with him this Friday, June 27th and if that goes over well probably more as well. Just how the American public views this and any further joint appearances will make the difference in polls like this and in how her supporters feel about supporting Obama. If they do not think she really wants him to come out on top in November, a good portion will not support him.

Even when it is broken down by party, there are not many who believe she is sincere. Just 56% of the Democrats believe as do 20% of the Republicans and 27% of the independents who are going to play a big part in this election.

One interesting figure that comes out of this poll is the fact that just 44% of the Democrats would like to see Clinton as Obama’s running mate. What it does not go into is the reason why. Do they think she would not be a help to the ticket or do they think it would be a step down for her and not in her best interest. There are a good number of her supporters who would like to see her continue in the Senate or run for Governor of New York in 2010. Just after Obama became the presumptive nominee, it was 51%. With the all important independents 24% think she should be on the ticket and 52% say she should not.

On the other hand 73% of the Democrats would like to see her in Obama’s cabinet, but just 41% would like to see Bill Clinton with a post.

Now, we have to wait and see what next week brings. For some reason Hillary Clinton is now viewed as favorable by more of the voters than she was when she was running – 52% across the board nationwide. Since she has a high favorability rating, the voters are going to react to what they perceive her attitude to be. She could very well have more of an impact on the election that many think she will.


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