Editorial: Anything Right with Wright?

Reverend Jeremiah Wright has become quite a significant figure in the recent months of our current election cycle. Numerous issues and topics have evolved out of the sound bites from his sermons that the mainstream media are putting out, and the consequences they are causing. It is debatable on if his presence is hurting or helping Barack Obama, and the discussion has even arisen on if this was all a grand, well thought out scheme by the Obama camp to keep him the primary focus of the media. Regardless, some things need to be laid out and addressed for everyone to debate or have in front of them, because from what is being argued over in the media, it appears only pieces of the argument are discussed at any given time.

Let me start by saying, I have the utmost respect for anyone who brings up facts to the general attention that invoke deep thought and debates, as that is my ultimate goal as well. Reverend Wright does just that. In his sermons, he brings up taboo topics and points out not so nice parallels that draw attention to historical events in American history that may not be as they seem. There is no doubt that there is fact in his accusations. However, there is also no doubt that Wright takes the point he is trying to make, puts it under his arm and runs with it, all the way to the teetering edge of the far left of the political spectrum. Some have claimed the ideas and thoughts he pushes are Marxist and Socialist in that they are intended to infuse the thoughts of liberation and anti-government to the people who listen, thus brainwashing them into pushing for a New World Order run by a nanny state that controls every aspect of life, thus ultimately making everybody exactly equal.

For example, in his “Chickens are Coming Home to Roost” sermon, given just days after September 11th, Wright explained some of the atrocities of America’s “terrorist” past. He spoke of how we used terror to run out the Native Americans to take over their land. He spoke of how we took Africans from their country to help build up ours, and left them living in chains and in fear. He spoke of how we bombed Grenada and killed innocent civilians, going so far as to say, “blessed are they who bash your childrens head against a rock” in sarcasm, preparing for his ultimate point of the speech. He spoke of how we bombed Sudan, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki and never batted an eye. Then, he claims, when stuff we have done over seas is brought back into our own front yards, we are appaled, and that finally, our chickens have come home to roost.

Pertaining to that sermon, Wright brings up vitally important and valid points. It is true, that America cannot consciously be hypocritical and say that we have never performed any actions similar to those carried out on us on 9/11. To this point, Wright is spot on. Many mainstream conservative talking heads will not acknowledge this fact, but regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, you cannot ignore the past and the motives and consequences of it.

To add, another extremely ironic point that I personally drew from this particular sermon is the fact that a majority of the events Wright brought up were carried out by Democratic administrations (Hiroshima, Nagasaki-Truman; Jim Crow Laws, white supremacy and black oppression-Democratic doctrines of the 18th, 19th and early 20th century; Sudan-Clinton). This is ironic because, without question, a huge majority of Wright’s congregation, and no doubt Wright himself, will throw their support behind Barack Obama, or whoever the Democratic nominee will be, and push to put in a government that will only continue the atrocities Democrats are known for causing in the past.

Another sermon of his, the infamous “God Damn America” speech, is strikingly different. The first several minutes of it discuss how governments change, but God does not. When he finishes this, he moves to more government bashing under the banner of “governments fail”. He again brought up historical taboo’s in America’s past that warrant discussion. He bought about how instead of embracing Native Americans, we threw them on a reservation, how instead of protecting Japanese Americans in WWII, we put them in internment camps, and how instead of protecting African Americans, we put them in chains, in slave quarters and on auction blocks and cotton fields. At this point in his sermon, valid arguments ceased and the thing that many find disturbing and un-American about Jeremiah Wright, began.

Running quickly to the edge on his comments of how the government failed African Americans, he began pointing out all the fallacies that have lead us to grow into the entitlement and welfare society that America has become. From cotton fields, he went on to claim that government “put” African Americans into inferior schools, substandard housing, government experiments and low paying jobs. The government “pushed them outside of the equal protection of the law”, and kept them out of their “racist bastions” of higher education, locking African Americans into positions of hopelessness and helplessness. To conclude, he dives off the edge of leftist conspiracy thought and claims that America “gave” African American’s drugs, built bigger prisons to house them, and passed a “three strike” law to get them in there, and we want them to sing “God Bless America…”. Need I finish? I think you know how that one ends.

Of course, Wright and Wright apologizers claim he is taken out of context. It is agreed that the media is only playing the very end of the speech, but when put IN context, the speech is even worse and does nothing to help the claim that the climactic and controversial end is out of context. Wright himself tells asks any nay-sayers if they’ve “heard his sermon”.

America is a country of free speech because our Founding Fathers fought for that right. America is also a country, more recently, of freedom for EVERYONE. The sooner everyone can realize that, the sooner we can actually start moving forward as a civilized nation. Instead, figureheads and so called leaders continue to heighten the walls of separation between you and anybody not similar to you. Jeremiah Wright does not hold back when it comes to blaming everybody except the African American community for many of his accusations and shortcomings. Barack Obama said it himself, that when people are bitter over issues they cling to guns, religion, and hatred for people who aren’t like themselves. I can’t find a better example of hatred for anyone unlike themselves than that of Jeremiah Wright. These ideas that are drilled into the brains of every member of that congregation, without a shadow of a doubt, eventually seep into everyday thinking. I feel sorry for the children of that church that will only know white hatred and sense of oppression and entitlement their entire lives. How are they supposed to get ahead?

For Barack Obama to claim that he went to that church for 20 years, was married by Wright, had his kids baptized by Wright, and claimed Wright was his “spiritual adviser”, and now all of a sudden that he doesn’t “know him as well as I thought” is a bold faced lie to the American people. If the man can lie so blatantly when he is on record saying the complete opposite just months earlier, how can you trust him to run your country?

The reason why the Wright issue is so vitally important is for 2 main purposes. The first is, the American people don’t know who Barack Obama really is. He hides behind a vial of “hope” and “change”, and paints a picture of a utopian society that we should all strive for, but never actually delves into any details of how it will be accomplished. Now, he claims, the campaign should be about issues. However, when it WAS about issues, he wanted the specifics to be something to worry about later. When somebody refuses to let you know who exactly he is or what he stands for, you have to look at who he associates himself with. This is the main reason why Wright and recently William Ayers have become topics of discussion, because we know who they are, and we can draw conclusions about Obama from those associations.

The second point of why Wright’s sermons are so important, is because they are the epitome of the racist thoughts and divisions that are still dividing the country 50 years after the civil rights movement. The entitlement thought and belief that historical oppression yields benefits such as welfare and affirmative action can only bring down the quality and happiness of society, and drive wedges further into the divisions.

America is the land of the free, and I agree everyone should be given EQUAL and AMPLE opportunity. If one chooses not to take advantage of that opportunity, that is their choice.

Jeremiah Wright brings up very important points and topics in his sermons, but they need not be taken at face value. He uses the topic at hand to run off the deep end with his political views and beliefs, and it only brings down the quality of thinking for the congregation, and for America. Now that he is a household name, he will surely try to capitalize on it, as we can already see with his egotistic handling of his 15 minutes of fame. He is man that had good intentions, but has gone so far extreme that there is no hope. Some call him a hero, others despise him for continually expanding racial divides. The sooner Wright falls out of the public eye, the better off we will all be.

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