Election Reflection

Sitting here tonight watching the election results, I feel a very similar feeling to the past two Presidential elections. With just about every battleground state coming in as “too close to call”, I think I need a beer and Red Bull so I can sit here and wait it out all night. I remember in 2000 staying up until the early hours of the morning, then giving up and going to bed only to wake up at 6am and see that Florida was still too close to call. We all know how that ended up. The situation was similar in 2004 with Ohio.

I’m seeing an eerily similar situation in the state and electoral college results, however this election is very different from the past two. This year may be similar in the respect that one or two states, and a handful of counties in each one of those states, will decide the election. I do not believe it will be a landslide on either side. The recent polls have done nothing but give an annoying arrogance and false confidence to one side and get the others panties in a bunch. Looking at the polls, it disgusts me to look at the details of the polls and see how skewed they are in terms of an unbalanced sample of registered Democrats vs. Republicans. With the amount of weight we put in polls you would think there would be some kind of regulation or oversight over them.

Regardless, my intent of this article is not to harp on anybody or push a point, but just to speculate on my personal thoughts of what November 5th, 2008 and the world going forward will be like depending on the outcome of this election.

Obama Victory

An Obama victory will bring sweeping changes. The first thing that will happen on November 5th is the media will be patting itself on the back. It is obvious how much in the tank the mainstream media has been for Obama. Its been almost a bitter sweet relationship for John McCain. As a close follower of the primaries as well, I saw the media give lots of leeway and fawning to McCain during the primaries and shun off other Republicans such as Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson and Democrats such as Dennis Kucinich and Hillary Clinton. Then they turned on McCain once Obama was on the scene. The media decided early on who they liked, and it was obvious. I hate to say it but the media made a majority of our decisions for us this year, and that is sad.

An Obama victory would also usher in a lot of good changes for the country depending on your point of view. First, liberals would finally be cured of their BDS, or Bush Derangement Syndrome. We can finally lay to rest the Bush Administration and his party as the party in power and the anger and venom spewing coming from many Americans and the mainstream media. The liberals would have complete control over the Houses of Congress and the Executive Branch, and in a few years the Judicial Branch as well. Thus they can run amock and streamline their agenda with no checks and balances. These changes would no doubt pull up the lower to lower-middle class in America and increase government dependency to levels we have never seen. Consumer spending will surely increase in the short term, as 95% of Americans will be excited for their $1000 welfare checks. However come 2010, Obama and the Democrats will let the Bush Tax Cuts expire, thus increasing taxes on corporations, business, capital gains, and the average American and by then the additional tax increases on business will have taken full effect as well. To the average taxpayer, that would amount to a $3500 tax increase with the repeal of the Bush Tax Cuts alone because the Alternative Minimum Tax and Earned Income Tax Credit would be repealed. Also with increased taxes on businesses comes increased prices in the market. So in summary: short term econonic growth will be good because people will feel “less burdened”, but long tern economic growth will be halted and likely push us into a very unhealthy recession.

The lower to lower-middle class will become the proletariat, or the working class. Their demands for higher wages, more worker benefits and more relief from any burdens in life will be met as they lobby to their Congressional Representatives and Senators and bastardize the “wealthy” and corporations and business owners. Channelling Ayn Rand’s Objectivism made famous in her novel “Atlas Shrugged”, I’m afraid of what society will become if the banner of fairness is used to impose government intervention into the economy for giving handouts to the working class instead of providing incentives for the working class to advance themselves.

With an Obama victory, the world will view us in a “better light”, or so I’ve been hearing. Countries like France, Cuba, Kenya and Russia have been outspoken in showing their support for Barack Obama as our president. If you think they show this affinity for him because they have kind hearts and would like to have him on their buddy list and sip latte’s with him as they discuss world issues, your sadly mistaken. These countries have their own agendas to push and the Bush Administration has been at the least very adamant on their stances and has kept the world in check. Obama is seen as weak and wants to usher in a very socialist agenda for America, which France, Cuba and Russia all have implemented as their economic models.

An Obama victory would also have one very large positive. I’ve drawn parallels before when debating people to Obama and Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter drove the country into the ground, sending the Dow Jones to a low of less than 1,000 points. Taxes were increased on businesses and the higher income brackets to insanely high levels upwards of 70% and economic growth came to a screeching halt. But the light at the end of the tunnel from the Carter Administration was the emergence of the conservative movement and Ronald Reagan. An Obama victory would spawn the new Conservative Underground, or “Conservatism in Exile” as Sean Hannity calls it. This would give a rallying point to true conservatives like Newt Gingrich, Jim DeMint, Ron Paul and other big named conservatives and could hopefully foster a new Conservative Revolution.

McCain Victory

As the night progresses this seems less and less likely, however I still want to speculate on what this would bring come November 5th. Back to the media: On November 5th after a McCain victory, you would see the most vile, hate filled angry news broadcasts you’ve ever seen by the likes of MSNBC, NBC, CNN and ABC. All the major figureheads would espouse their disgust with America and their disappointment that Obama was not elected and point out that the country is racist and stuck in old ways.

As far as the economy goes, the Bush Tax Cuts would likely be made permanent and increased tax cuts would be extended to the middle class. McCain is currently calling for a doubling of the Alternative Minimum Tax, which would give every family an additional $3500 in a tax credit each year. His healthcare proposal would also give Americans a $5000 tax credit to their employer to go towards healthcare. He is also proposing a tax cut in the corporate tax rate from 35% to 25%, which could have a resounding economic impact in the positive direction. With a push for increased oil drilling and the revamping and reconstruction of new nuclear plants we could see decreased energy costs and a large increase in jobs.

Of course, 50% of Americans would be angry on November 5th and would no doubt say that Republicans stole the election again. The media bias would only become worse and attacks would be sharpened. Cries of racism and bigotry and ignorance would fill the airwaves for a while, and any proposal by a McCain administration would be taken with a grain of salt and would be criticized every step of the way. Bush Derangement Syndrome would become McCain Derangement Syndrome and Palin Derangement Syndrome (which has already been plaguing the nation since early September).

A McCain administration would still be up against a strongly Democratic legislative branch. This would force the McCain administration or the Congress to put forth plans that benefit all parties and sides and would allow for proper checks and balances over new legislations or the repeal of existing ones. Hopefully this balance of power would further the country with changes that will help all and not just one sided change.

Again, this article is just speculation from my own mind. I’m surely wrong on many things, but I just found it fun to hypothesize. No doubt as Americans we will need to stand behind whomever is elected president. However that doesn’t mean you cannot question laws and legislations that will affect your daily life and possibly the freedom and opportunities of your future self or your children or grandchildren. Only time will tell what America will be like in 2009, 2020, or 2100…


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