Fight for Florida

FloridaThe latest Rasmussen Reports poll from Florida has some results that will make a couple of the candidates do some thinking. Florida is an important swing state, one that both parties will be going after full force and the results of this poll proves a point that one of the Democratic candidates has been making, at least as far as Florida is concerned.

If the race was between John McCain and Barack Obama, John McCain would win by a margin of 50% to 40% and while this is an impressive margin, it is actually 5% less than it was last month when McCain led by 15%. Mc Cain would get 79% of the Republican vote, 16% of the Democratic vote and 47% of the independent. Obama would get 57% of the Democratic vote, 19 % of the Republican and 45% of the independent.

If the match up were between McCain and Hillary Clinton, it would be a different story. Clinton would win by a margin of 47 to 41%. Mc Cain would get 74% of the Republican vote, 16% of the Democratic and 33% of the independent. Clinton would get 72% of the Democratic vote, 21% of the Republican and 41% of the independent.

Clinton way outdistances Obama in getting the Democratic vote, but then it is Clinton who has been insisting that the DNC do something about seating the Florida delegation. And this proves, at least in Florida and at this point in time, what Clinton has been saying regarding her doing better in the swing states than Obama.

Florida is one of the swing states that is considered to be leaning ever so slightly towards the Republican column. Florida has voted Republican in the past two Presidential elections, democratic in 1996, Republican from 1980 to 1992, Democratic in 1976 and Republican in 1968 and 1972. Out of these 10 Presidential elections, Florida has gone with the winner 9 times and that is why both parties want Florida in their camp.

McCain has just recently been in Florida and Obama is heading there now. The Democratic National Committee is meeting on May 31st to try and reach a solution for both Florida and Michigan, a solution that both the Obama and Clinton campaigns will go for and that is not going to be an easy task.


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