For Those Not Happy With The Candidates…

Who Should I vote for?

The election is just a few days away, bringing to a close the longest campaign of my life. While I enjoy politics, and view it as my passion, enough is enough! Here is my problem… I don’t feel as though I can vote for either of these candidates. I have no idea what will happen in the voting booth, but I can tell you I am distraught.

The poll on the right indicates that I am not alone in thinking neither of these candidates should be the one for the job. Thirty percent of our readers indicate they are either voting for a third party, or just hate their choices. Barack Obama will help everybody out, which is probably my problem with him. John McCain knows nothing about the economy and will continue these wars… which are my problems with him.

Most of our normal readers know I supported Ron Paul for president. What people viewed as crazy at the time, has become much more “sane” as time has gone on. With the economy in meltdown, everything Ron Paul has predicted has come true. He warned us about this crisis when it could have been prevented.

The Republicans have blamed Fannie and Freddie Mac and the failed Carter principles… and why shouldn’t they! The Democrats have blamed Bush’s failed economic policies… and why shouldn’t they! Bush and his sponsored bankruptcy bill, made creditors feel safe to offer stupid loans. The housing bubble did not begin to start until Bush got into office, and it greatly increased after the bankruptcy bill was passed.

Now, I could go on and on about how Bush ruined the economy and how he cut taxes but increased spending. The real problem for the Republican Party is that they put up a candidate who was a “conservative” and turned out to be someone who just didn’t care and never did the dirty work conservatives have to do. So, Bush ruined the conservative, and yes, the republican name. Now the party props up John McCain, a true independent, who really could not be closer to what Bush turned out to be. He is very far from what Bush pretended to be, but I like to worry about facts.

I cannot vote for Barack Obama just because I cannot vote for John McCain. That is the stupid system that America has fallen to, for way to long. The lesser of two evils, and I am not sure who is less of an evil in this case, is still very evil. Now, I am not a hater… I like John McCain, and I like Barack Obama… as people. I am not racist and I am not, not voting for John McCain because he is old. I am not, not voting for them because of their policies and the fact that they “scare me”.

Socialism is bad, and you are going to get it, just like you did from bush (in all the wrong ways) from either of these candidates. I am not voting for somebody if they want to spread my wealth around… and I am not voting for somebody who only is really going to cut taxes for the rich.

My only hope is that if Obama gets elected, and by all electoral polls it is not even close, that perhaps a Barry Goldwater will come up from the Republican Party and reform the current mess. I do not call myself a republican because… they left me, and I did not leave them.

I am going to focus on reforming the whole system in the next few years. Sixty percent of Americans would replace all of congress, and there is something is wrong with that. Let’s get a fair system in place, let’s start using our “checks and balances”. There is corruption all across the board, so let’s deal with it. Let’s actually push for a popular vote and not this stupid Electoral College voting system. Let’s actually start taking a proactive role in local politics. Let’s reform local politics, so that it filters up the system. We place too much faith in the presidency, much because it has become a kingship. Let’s bring the presidents role back down to what the founding fathers intended… To do this, we need to make sure the people in the legislative branch start doing their jobs.

But for now, who can I vote for?

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