Hillary Supporters Are Still Not Supporting Obama

Clinton and ObamaAccording to the latest poll taken by Opinion Research, Barack Obama is not connecting with the supporters of Hillary Clinton like he, and the leaders of the Democratic Party hoped he would. In fact, he is losing support, not gaining it.

There has been a feeling all along that Hillary Clinton is not as supportive of Obama deep down as she appears to be on the surface and her endorsement is just for party unity. Her supporters are just not going to support Obama because he is the nominee, unless they believe he is going to include some of her platform in his own. In this poll, 54% of the Clinton supporters said they plan to vote for Obama, but that figure is not as good as it looks because at the beginning of June, it was 60%. At the same time, fewer Clinton supporters say they are planing to vote for McCain, which means one thing. They are planing to stay home on election day rather than vote for a candidate they do not wholly believe in.

Clinton still has a great deal of support with 43% of the Democrats saying they still want Clinton as the nominee. Last month it was 35%. So Clinton is gaining support even though she has suspended her campaign while Obama’s support has dropped from 59% to 54%.

The doings of the Party play a big roll in Clinton’s supporters not jumping at the chance to support Obama. Many feel that decisions made at the DNC were slanted against her – the decision on Florida and Minnesota, not allowing her delegates to vote for her on the first ballot, calling for her to end her campaign before all of the primaries. They are just angry with the party as a whole.

Will the Clinton supporters come around? They will be listening to every word from Obama to see just how close he is to her position and with Obama asking the former President to campaign for him, they will be paying attention to not only what he has to say, but how he says it. The former President left office with a 60% approval rating, but has dropped to about 51% now. That is still a high percentage, much better than the current President is going to leave office with, and what he has to say may make all the difference.

The story is not much better on the Republican side either, with a good deal of the Ron Paul supporters not falling in line behind John McCain and it looks as if they are going to be making their feelings heard at the Republican convention, although they have been very quiet the past couple of weeks.

This campaign has changed the face of politics forever. There has never been on like it in the past, but there is a better than even chance that there will be more to come in the future. The internet has made a lot more American’s politically savvy and politically active as well.


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