How Important is the President’s Cabinet ?

cabinet There is a new poll out from Rasmussen Reports that shows a majority of the voters would like the candidates to announce the make up of their Cabinets before the election.  While this might give us a look at who the new President would be getting his most important advice from, it might not be as decisive as it appears on the surface.

They could announce anyone they want too.  Barack Obama has said there would be a place for Colin Powell in his administration. But Powell has said he has not desire to return to public life.  He might take on a special assignment, but it is unlikely that he would accept a cabinet position.

So, what if Obama were to say the he would nominate Powell for a cabinet post ?  There is no guarantee that he would take it. The same goes for anyone McCain would appoint.  He might say he wanted so and so for such a position, and the person might even say they would accept.  But it is not binding.  And what if something personal were to happen that would make it impossible for them to accept when the time came.  What I’m trying to get across is the fact that the candidates can say they want whoever they please.  But there is no guarantee that they would actually be the one to get the post.

As far as the poll goes, 53% of the voters think the names should be announced before the election. And 29% say it is not necessary. The probable reason is that 66% of the voters think that who the President picks for the Cabinet is very important.

Breaking it down demographically, 56% of the men and 49% of the women think it should be done as do 56% of the Republicans, 49% of the Republicans and 54% of the independents and third party members.  One fact that I found most interesting is the percentage who believe that the members of the Presidents cabinet are very important to the success of the Administration. It comes out to 66% – 69% of the men and 63% of the women.  The candidates should take notice and make sure the ones the winner does end up nominating really are the best for the job.

Actually, we are more likely to see the candidates give a selection of people who they would consider for cabinet posts, rather than single out one.  When it comes to naming the one and only, I would not look for it to happen until after the election.

Who do you think would be good selections for either candidate?


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