Ike, Barr and Their Affect on the Election in Texas

Right now , it is seven weeks until the election.  Will Texas be ready?  I know this is the last thing from the minds of the residents of the hardest hits places like Galveston and Houston, but the effects of hurricane Ike added to the Bob Barr issue could end up playing a big part in November.

First, lets look at the impact that Ike had on the state.  Galveston, with a population of 60,000, is virtually a ghost town.  Officials are saying it may be months before all services are returned.  Downtown Houston looks like London after the blitz and the power company says it will take a month to restore power. Having been in the middle of major power outages, I know the estimates are usually not met. And it will take longer for the residents to get their homes habitable again.

The number of people in shelters does not equal the number of people who have been displaced, so where did they go?  Some are living with relatives in other parts of the state, but how many have left and how many are not going to come back? Other areas such as Port Arthur and Beaumont have also been affected. How are they going to get things back to where all of the displace people are going to be able to vote?

The other issue in Texas is the fact that Bob Barr may be the only candidate who got his paper work in on time.  At least that is what Barr is saying. According to Barr, the deadline was August 25th and both the Democrats and Republicans missed the deadline, therefore neither McCain or Obama has the right to be on the ballot in Texas. What if this is true?  Texas authorities have already stated that Obama and McCain will be on the ballot.  If Barr fights this he may actually have a case against the two party system. McCain needs Texas if he has any hope at winning the presidential election.

One thing for sure, this is one election that will be remembered for many years to come, no matter who comes out on top. Who knows what else will come up in the next seven weeks. Bob Barr has law suits going on in other states.  But, then there is a petition to remove him as the Libertarian candidate. How Barr handles Texas could make or break his candidacy. Bob Barr could very well become the best known third party candidate of our time, or he could continue to slope downward and never be heard from again.

Either way our hearts are with those who were affected by Ike.


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