Jesse Ventura Says He Will Run in 2012, Bob Barr Continuing to Build Momentum

Jesse Ventura stated at Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty rally in St. Paul, Minnesota, that he would run for president in 2012 if he determined that the grassroots made significant political advances in the interim. It is doubtful he would run for the Libertarian party nod, given that his name alone is bigger than the entire Libertarian party. Ventura could run as an Independent, getting onto all 50 state ballots and possibly winning. This is something that I will be following personally. It looks like the grassroots is already starting to generate momentum for a run in 2012.

As for the current Presidential race, libertarian Bob Barr is continuing to shape up as a viable third party candidate. For somebody who used to be a “McCain” Republican (who then thankfully renounced his pro-Patriot Act ways), he has convincingly won over the liberty crowd. It is still not known how much of an impact he will have this election, but it is possible that he will cost both McCain and Obama a few % points each. He will undoubtedly take more from the Republican Party because of the strong support from the “Ron Paul faction.”

What about strategy? Bob Barr needs to present his candidacy not as a “third party choice,” but a true new choice. People sure as hell do want change this election. I, along with many others do not think that the “changes” offered from either Republicans or the Democrats are necessarily good changes.

Barr is young enough that if he can garner a significant following this election, I do not see any reason why he wouldn’t be able to campaign again. He should continue campaigning for change (and for the presidency). People are demanding change, but the question is: how much change do they truly want? Bob Barr’s ideas may be considered “too radical” during this year’s election. However, once the country has had a taste of the “changes” being promoted by Obama and McCain, look for Bob Barr (and all pro-liberty candidates) to really shine in 2012.

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