Last Look at the Polls

voyrOne last time we are going to go across the country and see what the probabilities are for election night. Time zone by time zone, take a look as which candidate has the advantage in which state at this moment. And Tuesday night we will follow the vote across the country and see how close we, and the polls, actually are.

Eastern Time Zone 19 states with 220 Electoral College votes.

Obama’s States
New Hampshire 4, Pennsylvania 21, New York 31, New Jersey 15,Massachusetts 12, Maine 4, Rhode Island 4, District of Columbia 3, Virginia 13, North Carolina 15, Florida 27,Ohio 20, Delaware 3, Connecticut 7,Maryland 10,
Vermont 3 Total 192

McCain’s States
Georgia 15, West Virginia 5, South Carolina 8, Total 28

Central Time Zone 19 States with 194 electoral college votes

Obama’s States
Minnesota 10,Wisconsin 10, Illinois 21, Iowa 7, Michigan 17. Total 65 electoral votes + 192 = 257

McCain’s States
Missouri 11, Arkansas 6,South Dakota 3,Kentucky 8, Tennessee 11 , Indiana 11, Louisiana 9, Kansas 6,Alabama 9,

Mississippi 6,Oklahoma 7, Nebraska 5, North Dakota 3,
Texas 34 total 129 electoral college votes + 28 = 157

Mountain Time Zone 7 states with 39 electoral college votes

Obama’s States
Colorado 9, New Mexico 5 Total 14 electoral college votes + 257= 271

McCain’s States
Wyoming 3, Montana 3, Arizona 10, Utah 5, Idaho 4 Total 25 electoral college votes + 157 = 182

Pacific Time Zone 4 states with 78 electoral college votes

Obama’s States
California 55,  Nevada 5, Oregon7, Washington 11. Total 78 electoral college votes + 271 = 349
McCain’s States
None Total 182

Alaska 3 will go to McCain bringing his total to 185

Hawaii 4 will go to Obama bringing his total to 353

Last week, the total was Obama 348, McCain 190.  I gave McCain the benefit of the doubt in the tight states. For instance, his lead in Indiana is just ½ % and his lead has slipped to 3 in his home state of Arizona.  There is very little chance that there will be any changes at this late state in the game. But if there is, we will take a close look at the states that end up where they are not expected to and find out why.  Politics has always been a science, but up until now, the public has not really had the resources to see for itself the whys and wherefores of picking our leaders.

IF things remain as they are, Obama will have the 270 electoral college votes he needs by the time the polls close in the Mountain Time Zone.  If not, he has the 82 votes from the Pacific Time Zone and his home state of Hawaii to make up any difference.


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