McCain Leads Both Obama and Clinton in Mississippi

MississippiRasmussen Reports has taken a look at the Presidential primary in Mississippi, a state that is considered to be solidly in the Republican column. And the results are not surprise, with McCain leading both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

If the race were to be between McCain and Obama, McCain would win by a margin of 50 to 44%. McCain got 84% of the Republican vote, 15% of the Democratic and 53% of the independent. Obama would get 76% of the Democratic vote, 14% of the Republican and 37% of the independent, no surprise since Mississippi is considered a red states. The only thing would be the fact that Obama gets about the same amount of the Republican vote as McCain does the Democratic.

If the race were to be between McCain and Clinton, McCain would win by a margin of 48 to 38%, not that much of a difference than with Obama which is a bit of a surprise since Obama did so well with the Southern states. McCain would get 84% of the Republican vote, 12% of the Democratic and 52% of the Independent. Clinton would get 69% of the Democratic, 11% of the Republican and 29% of the independent. Again, Clinton gets about the same amount of Republican votes as McCain does Democratic. The big difference here is the number of voters who would choose another candidate and that accounts for the big differential. There are 15% of the Democrats and 10% of the independents who would vote for a different candidate. Since the percentages for McCain are pretty much the same with both opponents, the difference is because some who would vote for Obama would not vote for Clinton.

In the primaries, Obama beat Clinton by a margin of 61 to 37% and McCain came in first with 79% while Huckabee came in second with 13% and Paul came in third with 4%.

In the past 10 Presidential elections, Mississippi has voted Republican 8 times, Democratic 1 time and for third parties 1 time. Out of these, they have picked the winner 7 times, including the one Democrat. Mississippi is the one state that does give its electoral college votes to independent or third party candidates more so than any other state does. It would take something catastrophic for Mississippi to end up on the Democratic side of the ledger, even though it appears that the race, especially between McCain and Obama is pretty close.


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