McCain Needs to Pick Up Virtually All of the Swing States to Win

voteThe latest polls show even more that John McCain has a long up hill battle to wage over the next three weeks or so. He needs to change his tactics, because the ones he is using now are surely not working.

Way back in the beginning, when the state by state polls started coming out, we had John McCain with 19 states and a total of 157 Electoral College votes that were at least leaning in his direction. They were Alabama 9 votes Idaho 4 votes
Kentucky 8 votes Louisiana 9 votes Nebraska 5 votes
Oklahoma 7 votes Tennessee 11 votes Utah 5 votes
Wyoming 3 Texas 34 votes Alaska 3 votes
Arizona 10 votes, Arkansas 6 votes, Georgia 15 votes
Kansas 6 votes Mississippi 6 votes South Carolina 8 votes.
South Dakota 3 votes West Virginia 5 votes. He has not added any states to his total, but is leading in some of the swing states.

He is leading right now in Montana by 5, Indiana by 5 Missouri by 3, North Carolina by 3. This would add  16 electoral college votes and bring him to 152 .

As for Obama, he had 23 states, with a total of 236 Electoral College votes. They were Connecticut 7 votes District of Columbia 3 Hawaii 4 votes Illinois 21 votes Maine 4 votes
Vermont 3 votes Massachusetts 12 votes New York 31 votes
Rhode Island 4 votes California 55 votes Maryland 10 votes
New Jersey 15 votes Delaware 3 Minnesota 10 votes
Oregon 7 votes Pennsylvania 21 votes and Washington 11 votes.

Since then he has added Iowa with 7 votes, New Hampshire with 4 votes Michigan with 17 votes Wisconsin with 10 and New Mexico with 5 votes, bringing him to 279 Electoral College votes.

He is leading in Colorado by 6, Florida by 2, Nevada by 7, Ohio by 3, Virginia by 8, which would bring him to 353. There has not been a poll from North Dakota in a long while, so we are leaving it up for grabs.

Putting it simply, Obama can afford to lose a state or two, McCain needs to pick up virtually all of the swing states. And hold on to some that he already has where his margin has been slipping. Instead of trying to get his message across, going into details on his plans, he is taking the attack track and that is not what the voters want or need to hear. It will be the candidate who convinces the voters that he has the most solid plan for the future, not the one who focuses on negative campaigning.


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