McCain Trails Both Clinton and Obama in Maine

MaineThe latest poll of the Voters in Maine shows John McCain losing to either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton by the same margin, 51% to 38%. A month ago, Obama led McCain by a margin of 49% to 39% and Clinton led McCain by 47% to 42%. Both Democrats have increased their lead, but Clinton has gained the most.

In the caucuses , Obama won by 59% to 40% and Romney won on the Republican side, with 52%. McCain was second with 21%, Ron Paul was next with 19% and Mike Huckabee was last with 2%. The caucuses in Maine are closed, so only Democrats voted in the Democratic primary and only Republicans in the Republican.

When it is McCain vs Clinton, McCain gets 78% of the Republican, 8% of the Democratic and 39% of the independents. Clinton gets 78% of the Democrats, 16% of the Republicans and 48% of the independents. Interesting in that McCain loses just about the same number of Republicans in Maine that he does in the other states. And most of them have gone to Clinton, only 4% of the Republicans said they would vote for someone else and 7% were undecided. While Clinton loses about the same amount of Democrats, she still has an opponent for the nomination. Once there is only one Democrat, this will change – one way or the other. Clinton gets 16% of the Republican vote, twice as many as McCain gets from the Democrats and 48% of the independents.

When it is McCain vs Obama, McCain gets 68% of the Republicans, 19% of the Democrats and 35% of the independents. Obama gets more support from the Republicans than Clinton and Clinton gets more support from the Democrats than Obama. Obama gets 72% of the Democrats, 22% of the Republicans and 52% of the independents.

With McCain, the fact that he loses the same amount of support from Republicans when he is up against Clinton that he does in other states and even more when he is up against Obama reinforces the fact that he has to work on uniting the other candidates supporters behind him. As for the Democrats, just how much fence mending the eventual nominee will have to do will become evident when there is only one.

Maine is a state that could go one way or the other in November. Right now, it is considered to be leaning very strongly towards the Democrats, but is not in their camp. Maine has voted Democratic in the last four Presidential elections, but voted Republican in the five before that. Maine is one state to keep an eye on. Maine has 4 electoral votes.


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