National Rifle Association Has Big Boost in Popularity.

NRAThe NRA seems to have risen in popularity after the Supreme Court ruling on the Second Amendment. But does this mean that they have political clout? Not according to the latest poll from Rasmussen Reports.

Their latest poll shows that a whopping 56% have a favorable view of the National Rifle Association while 37% view the organization as unfavorable. That is better than the President and Congress combined. But when they asked the respondents if they would be more likely to vote for John McCain if he were to be endorsed by the NRA, just 17% said yes while 21% said it would make them more likely to vote for Obama. Evidently, those who do not support the NRA are more vehement in their opposition than those who support the NRA are. Then there is the 61% who said that it would make no difference at all. It seems that the American voter is not going to be a one issue voter this time around and will look at more than one of the pressing issues when making their choice.

By the way, the Supreme Court has had its rating increase over the same time.

It will be interesting to see if the same reaction holds true regarding the endorsement of other organizations or celebrities. If any organization backs a candidate you can expect most of their members to follow along, but not so when it comes to the general public, at least not in this instance. So, if a labor organization backs a candidate, you can expect most of their members to follow their leaders, buty would that trickle over to the general public, or to members of other unions? In the past, yes, they had a lot of political clout. If this Supreme court decision had happened 4 years ago, and the NRA had supported George Bush, the chances are that it would have influenced more of the voters.

The American voter is becoming more and more independent in his or her thinking. Perhaps because it is so easy now to get information practically as fast as it is happening. The American voters are more informed than they have been in the past. They are taking more time to look at the candidates and the issues, following their own minds, and in most cases this is a good thing.

This election could be the one that goes down in history as the one that changed the face of American politics in more ways than one. Only history will tell and thankfully it will be the history of the next few years. Whether or not they make the right decision, remains to be seen, but it will be a decision of the votes not the organizations.


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