One Week to go And Obama Increases His Lead.

O and MJust a little over a week to go and time to take a last look at how the electoral college vote is going.  Last week, we took a look at it one time zone at a time, so this week we will pickup on that and see what if any changes have taken place.

Last week in the Eastern time zone, Barack Obama was leading by 145 to 75 electoral college votes.  This week, polls were taken in  New Hampshire, which  remains in Obama’s column, Pennsylvania, which remains in Obama’s column, Georgia, which remains in McCain’s column, New York, which remains in Obama’s column, New Jersey, which remains in Obama’s column, Massachusetts, which remains in Obama’s column, Virginia, which remains in Obama’s column, North Carolina, which has been in Obama’s column, had mixed results this week, but it will stay in Obama’s column and the same can be said for Florida, which will stay in McCain’s column. Last week, we gave Ohio to McCain, but this week Obama came out ahead in 3 of the 4 polls, so it will switch to his column.  That is Obama +20. South Carolina stays in McCain’s column, West Virginia stays in McCain’s column, Georgia stays in McCain’s column. Maine remains in Obama’s column, There were no polls in Connecticut , Delaware , District of Columbia, Maryland , Rhode Island and Vermont , so they will stay in Obama’s column.

With all of this, Obama picks up 20 votes bringing him to 165 and McCain down to 55.

In the Central Time Zone, Minnesota stays in Obama’s column, Missouri stays in Obama’s column, Wisconsin stays in Obama’s column, Arkansas stays in McCain’s column, South Dakota stays in McCain’s column, Illinois stays in Obama’s column, Kentucky stays in McCain’s column, Tennessee remains in McCain’s column, Iowa stays in Obama’s column, Michigan stays in Obama’s column, Texas stays in McCain’s column, Indiana had two polls this week and Obama came out ahead in each one, so Indiana will switch to Obama’s column, giving him another 11 votes. Louisiana stays in McCain’s column, Kansas stays in McCain’s column, Alabama remains in McCain’s column.  There were no polls in  Mississippi , Oklahoma , Nebraska and North Dakota, so they remain in McCain’s column. In the Central Time zone, Obama picks up 11 electoral college votes, giving him 87 + 165 = 252. McCain loses 11 giving him 107 + 55 = 162.

In the Mountain Time Zone, Colorado stays in Obama’s column. Wyoming stays in McCain’s column, Montana stays in McCain’s column, There were no polls in New Mexico, so it stays in Obama’s column and the same goes with Arizona, Utah and Idaho and they stay in McCain’s column.  There are no changes here so Obama gets 14 + 252 = 266 and McCain gets 25 + 162= 187.

In the Pacific Time Zone, California stays in Obama’s column.  There were no polls in Nevada, Oregon or Washington, so they will stay with Obama also.  No changes here so, Obama gets 78+ 266= 344 plus 4 for Hawaii for a total of 348. McCain has 187 plus 3 for Alaska giving him a total of 190.

Now, both candidates have very slim leads in some of the states and both could loose and gain some.  But Obama has a surplus of 74 electoral college votes, a difference that is just about impossible for McCain to make up.  Next week will be final predictions.


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