Romney v. Hillary 2012

As the election season winds down to the final weeks, a grim reality will have set in for disillusioned voters: this November 4 will force them to choose, yet again, “the lesser of two evils.” However, voters will not be the only ones left with bitter tastes in their mouths.

Former Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney were passed over for their respective parties’ Vice Presidential nominations. For some, losing the Presidential nomination may very well signify the bitter end of a political career, but this does not seem like Clinton or Romney.

Romney has stated that he will consider another run for the presidency, and will reject any cabinet position offered for the fear he will be just like his father (George W. Romney, who lost the 1968 Republican nomination to Richard Nixon and subsequently became Secretary of Housing and Urban Development).

It is also likely that Hillary Clinton will prepare for another Presidential run. In a strategic political move during the Democratic National Convention, Clinton urged her delegates to throw their support behind Barack Obama, and thus bowed out of the national spotlight gracefully. By no means should this be considered her “last great hurrah.’ Clinton will undoubtedly user her “selfless” request for party unity as a method of gaining support (and money) from the Democratic faithful down the road.

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