Ron Paul Endorses a Candidate! Who Wins?

electionJohn McCain can breath a little bit easier when it comes to the election in Texas, and Ron Paul has endorsed a candidate for President, and it is neither John McCain or Bob Barr for that matter. Could this be good for McCain anyway?

In the case of Texas, Bob Barr had filed a petition to keep both John McCain and Barack Obama off the ballot in Texas. He stated his reasons to be the fact that neither one of them was the candidate of their party when the date came that candidates names had to be submitted to Texas Secretary of State’s office. He also stated that the paperwork from both parties was received after the August 25th deadline for getting names on the ballot in Texas and he threatened a law suit if either one appeared. The Texas Supreme Court today threw his petition out, without comment. If he does not contend, then this would be a big relief for McCain, because he is expected to carry Texas and its 34 electoral college votes.

Ron Paul’s supporters have been fiercely loyal to him and continue to be so even months after he abandoned his effort to get the Republican Party’s nomination. In an election as close as this one is proving to be, each candidate needs to get support from as many quarters as possible. But Ron Paul has decided to support Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin. Bob Barr did say he would like Ron Paul as a running mate, but at the same time he canceled an appearance at a Ron Paul event that he had promised to attend, and Ron Paul has not forgotten. Just take a look at how Paul made the announcement. He stated that Bob Barr had commented that Paul had not endorsed anyone and that he should. According to Paul that made him think and decide that Barr was right. So he endorsed Baldwin. Now, there is going to be a lot of discussion about the differences in the Constitution Party’s platform, and Ron Paul’s beliefs and we are going to go into that in detail. Now, how will Ron Paul’s followers go? Will they go and support Baldwin because of Paul’s endorsement ? Or will the differences between Baldwin and Paul have them supporting Barr because he is perceived to be closer to Paul’s ideology? Or will some of them support McCain ? If there ever was a time for McCain to make his case to the Paul supporters, this would be it.


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