Ron Paul – More and More Independent

JPRon Paul is continuing to be a thorn in John McCain’s side, even months after he suspended his run for the White House. As we have said before, he continues to get a great deal of support – up to 25% in some polls and that number of voters, mostly Republicans, not supporting McCain can be a big difference in the end result. Now Ron Paul, who has not been made to feel that he would be welcome at the Republican convention, is going to hold his own convention and voters are very interested.

There is nothing the Republican Party wants more than party unity, but they have a strange way of going about it. For instance, Ron Paul and his supporters were made to feel less than welcome at the local conventions like Nevada As a matter of fact, the only local convention where Ron Paul and his supporters were welcome was Montana All he wanted was to be allowed to speak at the National Convention, to get his point across and hopefully get some of his agenda on the national platform.

When it became obvious that that was not going to happen, he found a way to get the attention he needs – convene his own convention – on the second night of the Republican Convention. How is he doing? So far they have sold close to 8,000 tickets. They are not expensive, $17.76. Talk about getting your message across. Think for a minute. If there are 8,000 – probably more by convention time – who are able to make it to Ron Paul’s convention, how many more are there who cannot go and wish they could. A lot more than the 8,000 or so who will be there, that is for sure.

With guests like Jesse Ventura, Barry Goldwater Jr., Rockie Lynne and Aimee Allen, the Ron Paul convention could very well get as much attention as the Republican one. With John McCain being perceived to be more to the middle than to the right, it is going to be hard enough for him to win over a majority of the Republican conservatives. With so many of the most note worthy conservatives opting to attend the Ron Paul convention, John McCain’s job will be even harder.

Just who will these dedicated Ron Paul supporters end up voting for in November? Barack Obama? Not likely. Most states do not count write ins, so most Ron Paul supporters may support Bob Barr. It will be very interesting to see just how Bob Barr does in November. He could very will get more votes than anyone thinks he will.


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