Ron Paul on CNN

Ron Paul In case you missed the Ron Paul interview by John Roberts on American Morning on CNN, here is a little bit of what went on.

On the Economy:

When asked if he still listened to Alan Greenspan, who yesterday admitted that he missed the warning signs of the present mess on Wall Street, Congressman Paul said that since it appears that Greenspan favors more regulations, a thing that Paul is vehemently against, he does not listen to him like he did in the past when Greenspan was more of a proponent of the Free Market economy principals. Paul blames the problems on the Federal Reserve, the Community Reinvestment Act, t he FDIC Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and Greenspan believes the problem could have been avoided if we had more, not less, regulations.

When asked if he believed that the markets can or should be self regulating, Paul said no when it comes to regulating prices, which is what he said is going on now.  But when it comes to dealing with fraud, he believes the Government has a responsibility to deal with it.  However, he believes that the whole monetary system is fraudulent and therefor there is a place for regulations and the Federal Reserve is the place that should be regulated.


On the question of just how much trouble the Republican Party is in, Paul put it very bluntly when he said they are in big trouble. But he reminded Roberts that as far back as a year ago the said that party had lost its way. He made it clear that he thinks Obama will be the winner, but he also made it clear that he does not support Obama when he said it it is obvious that  the markets are not reassured by the prospect.

Actually, he thinks the whole county is in a mess and the Republican party is about to loose a large number of seats again. He also said it did not matter right now because both parties have bad ideas.

On the Election

We have been saying since the beginning that Ron Paul’s supporters would stick with him until the end and it seems like a good portion of the them still are.  Even though he threw  his support behind the candidate from the Constitution Party.  He is still on the ballot in Louisiana, where McCain has a comfortable 16% lead and in Montana, where Obama has a 4% lead.  In Montana. Paul is getting 4% of the vote, a big difference in a tight state.

When asked how he would feel if McCain were to loose Montana because he is on the ballot, Paul bought up the fact that he is not actively campaigning in Montana and he is drawing the 4% because the voters do not like either candidate.  You can read the whole interview on CNN.


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