Ron Paul Suspends Campaign, Sparks Flame For the Future

In a speech in Texas on Thursday, Ron Paul officially suspended his campaign for the President of the United States. Going against the other withdrawn Republican candidates, Paul will not be calling for his supporters to back John McCain. While many Paul followers were disappointed, this in no way signaled the end of the “Ron Paul Revolution”. Instead, Thursday signaled the beginning of the Campaign for Liberty to further the message of his campaign.

While Ron Paul picked up a fair amount of delegates in the primary elections, the main goal of the Paul campaign was not necessarily to gain the nomination for President. Instead, the primary purpose was to revive the seemingly forgotten message of true conservatism, a return to adherance of the Constitution, and to ignite the fire for a liberty minded movement to reform the Republican party. This purpose is the reason that Paul constantly denied rumors of consideration for a third party run for President. Paul has also argued the American political system is weighted heavily in favor of the two party system.

While “Ron Paul Republicans” have caused headaches to the establishment Republicans in many state conventions and in the media, many feel the GOP should be thanking Ron Paul. His views of limited government, sound monetary policies and a non-interventionist foreign policy have helped get otherwise disinterested and disgruntled constituents involved the political process, and has brought a new wing to the Republican party that is highly motivated and interested in the future of the party and of the country.

Paul is calling for a (though he did not use this phrase himself) “seperate convention” from the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis, MN in September. This parallel rally is not intended to be confrontational or disruptive, but rather provide a venue for the delegates and volunteers that travel to the Republican Convention to hear liberty minded views and the conservative platform that the Republicans ran on in 2000 and that formed the basis for the formation of the party. At this “seperate convention”, Paul will also officially kick off a new organization called the Campaign for Liberty, which will act as a political vehicle to promote freedom minded, conservative candidates for office, help educate the electorate and offer unbiased news on the ongoings of the government.

Jessee Benton, campaign spokesman for the Paul campaign, said the announcement to suspend the presidential campaign was, “not a disappointment at all. I think this is really exciting.”

After a riveting speech summarizing his views and conservative principles, and calling for his supporters to continue to stay involved in the Republican party and the political process, Ron Paul ended with this quote:

“A failing state can not stop a revolution whose time has come”

The future has yet to show us what will come of the fire the Ron Paul Revolution has fueled, but the growing activists, supporters, candidates and motivation it has brought about will surely go down in history.

Ron Paul’s policy proposals can be found in his best selling book, The Revolution: A Manifesto.


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