Sarah Palin, Author ? Will You Read her Book?

Sarah PalinThe word is Sarah Palin is planing on becoming an author and is working on a book about her run for the vice presidency. Whether you agree with Palin or not, the book should be an interesting read.

Think about it. It is no secret that Palin and the leaders of the McCain campaign do not, to say the least, see eye to eye.  They are blaming each other, at least in part, for the campaign’s overwhelming failure.

It is supposed to be a tell all book.  A view of the campaign from her side of the issue and it should be very revealing. The thing is, it will not likely go a long way toward uniting the Republican Party and it may , in the long run, hurt her chances for a run for the Presidency in 2012.

And make no bones about it.  Running for the Presidency is very much in her mind.  And as someone who want to be the leader of her party, she should work to bring the fractions together.  John McCain is not considered the leader.  He is going back to be just one of 100 Senators and that is not an easy job. Just how much power he will have remains to be seen.  Remember, during the course of the campaign, he angered the extreme conservative wing, a big part of the party. And he is already making plans for another run for the Senate in 2012.

The RNC itself is in disarray. Mike Duncan is another official who is being blamed for the election failure.  The chances of him returning as chairman of the RNC are very remote.  McCain’s people are blaming Palin and the RNC.  The RNC is blaming McCain’s campaign people. Palin is blaming the RNC and the McCain campaign and everyone is blaming the President.

Not only the content of Palin’s book will have an impact on how divided they remain.  The timing of its release will have an impact also. If it is released in a short period of time, the information will be fresh in the readers mind already.  There will be more details, but the basic facts will not be a surprise.  If it is released closer to the next election, at the time when everyone is announcing their plans to run, it will refresh the voter’s memory, bring back facts that they have forgotten.

Add that to the fact that Mike Huckabee has just released his book and you have a situation that will not heal wounds.


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