Virginia is no Longer a Swing State

voteThe last time we took a look at the swing states, there were 10 of them.  Today, another one is going to be added to Obama’s column

The swing states as of last week that Mc Cain was leading in were Montana by 5, Indiana by 5 Missouri by 3, North Carolina by 3.  Right now there have been no new polls from Montana or Indiana.  In Missouri, he is now leading by 1%.  The two previous polls this week had Obama in the lead, so we will leave this one as it is. He is no longer leading in North Carolina.  Obama has come out on top in 2 of the last 3 polls, with the third one being a tie.  So in all one state will go from a swing state where McCain was leading to one where Obama is leading.

On Obama’s side of the ledger, he was leading in Colorado by 6, Florida by 2, Nevada by 7, Ohio by 3, Virginia by 8.  As it stands now, he is leading in Colorado by 4, Florida by4, Nevada by 3, Ohio by 5, North Carolina by 2 and Virginia by 10.  He has been ahead in the last three polls in Virginia, 2 of them by 10, so it will move to his column.

So, what this all means is that McCain stays at where he is in electoral college votes from states considered to be in his column with 157 votes.

For Obama, it means he picks up the 13 electoral college votes from Virginia which brings the total of electoral college votes in states considered in his column to 249.

Tonight is the last debate. It is the last chance for both candidates to get their message across to the voters.  It is more critical for John McCain because his numbers are consistently slipping.  And Barack Obama has all that time he has purchased on the networks all to himself where he can address anything he wants to.  For instance, he will be able to answer anything unexpected that comes up tonight

Just 20 short days from now, the American votes will pick the President who will lead the country through some of the most difficult times in a century. It is time for both of them to get down to brass tacks and address the issues, because 21 days from now the decision will have been made that will affect not only us, but generations to come.


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