What Can we Expect on Election Day ?

voteWith one of the largest turnouts ever in a Presidential Election, the predictions are for long lines, and possible voting machine problems and the day after the election may be even worse.

Never before, in modern history, has the public, from both parties, been so energized to get out the vote. And it seems to have worked because, in the states that have allowed early voting, there have been wait times as long as 6 hours. Actually, having the early voting might be a help. The polls show that about 20% of the voters have taken advantage of it, but the lines on Tuesday should still be long, so be prepared.

Be prepared for new voting machines. There are some places where there are new ones.  Hopefully, those states who have changed, have let the voters know how the new ones work. Either way, it will take more time to vote.  Already, voters have not been allowed to vote because their SS number or Drivers License number did not match what they had on record.  And the voters are challenging the challenges.

If you are not sure about your registration, go to this site Can I Vote http://www.canivote.org/  Select you state, put in the information and hopefully your name will pop up. I just tried it and it worked perfectly.  If you know in advance you will have a problem, you will be able to find out what to do.  I have a feeling this will be one busy site tomorrow.

Bring you photo ID with you just in case and do not let them tell you you cannot vote if it is closing time and you were already in line.  They have to let you in!

There have already been charges of irregularities from both campaigns. And both candidates already have teams of lawyers waiting for the day after to challenge any state they feel they should have won.

Lets face it.  The election system is archaic. If you saw the news this past week or so, you would have seen election worker trying to verify huge piles of registrations by hand.  In this day and age, there has to be a better way to do it.  Can we eliminate fraud, intentional or otherwise, no.  That would be impossible.  But we can make it more efficient and cut back on the number of voters who are not qualified to vote and help those who are qualified and have problems anyway.  This is a complex issue that we will be taking a comprehensive look at after the election.

Be with us tomorrow night as we follow the vote across the country. Hopefully, we will know who the next President will be by the end of the night and not have to go through what we did in 2000, only to a larger degree.


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