What do the Voters Think of the Way the Presidential Campaign is Being Run?

McCain John McCain insists on keeping up with the negative campaigning and he keeps on slipping in the polls. The latest poll from CNN/Opinion Research Corp focused on the what the voters think of the McCain approach and shows once again that he is on the wrong track.

The poll shows that 60% of Americans think that the negative attacks from the McCain campaign are unfair. AS far as the Obama campaign is concerned, 39% think his campaign has been unfair.

The same poll shows that 47% of the voters think of Obama as the strongest leader and 44% say it is McCain.  Back in September, McCain had the lead with 60%.  It is fairly obvious that the McCain tactics are not working. Will he change them.  Not likely. He seems to think that instead of laying out his program for the country, he can use fear tactics to turn the election around.  Meanwhile, it is having the opposite effect and he does not seem to see the handwriting on the wall. Before long, it will be to late to erase that handwriting.

McCain does come out ahead in one part of the poll where he has a 13% advantage on the question of who has the most experience to be President.  However, the other results of the poll show that having more experience is not necessarily what the voters are looking for.  One of the reasons why is the fact that the voters think of the economy as the most important issue of the day and on that issue, Obama has a 20% advantage.

Evidently it is not only the Democrats and independents who are not impressed with the way the McCain campaign is going.  While 50% of the Democrats are enthusiastic about voting this year, the same can be said about just 25% of the Republicans.

When you consider the trickle down effect this is having on the Congressional and Senate elections, we have to consider the fact that, unless there is a tremendous turnaround in a short space of time, there is a good chance that there will be a Democratic President and a Democratic Congress and Senate as well. How will this play out ? Difficult to say.  On one hand, there will be no checks and balances in place.  On the other hand, there is a chance a lot more bills will be past.  The test will be to see if the Democrats can reach across the aisle and formulate bills that are truly bi partisan. Will the democrats do the same thing the republicans did, when they had all the power, and mess everything up?

One thing we will be doing next year is keeping a close eye on the Congress.  Who is sponsoring which bill, who is voting for what bills etc. This will be the most important session of Congress in a long time. And the Congressmen have to remember, that in two years time, they will all be up for re election once again along with 1/3 of the Senate.


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