Who Would You Picnic With- McCain, Obama or Clinton?

memorial DayQuinipiac University in Connecticut has come up with one of the most intriguing polls of the campaign so far. They asked a nationwide sampling of voters which one of the three Presidential candidates they would like to spend a Memorial Day picnic with, John McCain, Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

The way they posed the question is just as interesting as the results. They put it this way “Regardless of how you intend to vote, whom would you rather chat with at a Memorial Day picnic – Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama or John McCain?” and these are the results they got.

Most of the voters, 35% said they would like to spend Memorial Day with Barack Obama. That breaks down to 35% of the men and 34% of the women. John McCain is the next favorite, with 33% including 41% of the men and 265 of the women, much more of a gender gap than with Obama. Hillary Clinton has 27% who would like to spend Memorial Day with her including 20% of the men and 33% of the women, not surprising since her support has come mostly from women.

There are some more interesting facts that come out in this poll also. For instance, Clinton has 43% of the Democrats, 12% of the Republicans and 20% of the independents who would like to chat with her at a Memorial Day picnic. That includes 27% of the white voters and 20% of the black voters.

With Obama, it is 14% of the Republicans , 44% of the Democrats and 43% of the independents including 28% of the white voters and 74% of the black voters.

With McCain, it is 69% of the Republicans, 11% of the Democrats and 31% of the independents including 40% of the white voters and 3% of the Black voters.

Even though the question did not focus on who the respondents were going to vote for, the results do show where each candidates weakness is. For instance, just 3% of the black voters would want to spend time with John McCain. If that figure relates to how many would vote for him, it can spell big trouble. Obama is the candidate with the greatest discrepancy in ethnic voters and Clinton is the candidate with the least.

Another interesting fact is the cross over vote. It is almost identical for all three candidates – 11% of the Democrats would spend time with McCain, 12% of the Republicans with Clinton and 14% of the Republicans with Obama.

The importance of the independent vote cannot be understated. Obama would attract 43% of the independents, McCain 315 and Clinton 20%.

I wonder what the results would be if Ron Paul and some of the third party candidates were included. So which one would you pick and would it be the one you are planing to vote for?


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