Will Ron Paul Become the Libertarian Candidate ?

BarrIt is not as far fetched as you may think. Just take a look at what has happened over the past few days with the Libertarian Party and Ron Paul.

First of all, there is an official petition to remove Bob Barr as the Libertarian candidate for President. Not the one that has been circulating on the internet, but one started by a member of the party and if 3/4 of the representatives vote for it he will be out.

The reasons they give are the fact that Barr did not appear at Ron Paul’s third party press conference, after he had already committed to appear, the fact that his campaign has attacked Paul’s character and reputation. And the fact that his actions have brought discredit to the Libertarian Party as a whole. Now there must be more to it than this. And I have a feeling that the party would not put forth this petition if they did not think they would get the votes to put it into action.

So lets say they do remove Barr. What would they do? Ron Paul still has a lot of support, more than any candidate who lost his bid for a nomination like he did. Picking Ron Paul would be a good move for the party. However, would Paul accept? Would it help or hurt his Campaign for Liberty? Ron Paul will only take the nomination if it would have a positive effect. After all, he is running unopposed for his Congressional seat and if he feels that is what he should focus on, if that is the way to get his message across, then that is what he will do. Don’t you think?

There is another interesting scenario going on also. Last Tuesday, Bob Barr sent a message to Ron Paul asking him to be his running mate and as of yet Paul has not responded. Either he thinks it is not worthy of him to respond or he is seriously thinking about it. And if he would seriously think about being a Vice Presidential candidate, then he for sure would seriously consider the Presidential nomination.

At this point, this is all supposition, but that is the way of politics. What if this and what if that. Even when the what ifs become either they did or they did not, the picture is not clear. So, what do you think? What if they do remove Barr as the nominee, should Ron Paul take his place, or is there someone better to pick up the standard of the Libertarian Party? Who else would you support?



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