Would Different Vice Presidential Candidates Affect the Results?

romneyThere will be much discussion, when the election is over, of the importance of picking the right person as the Vice Presidential running mate.  What criteria should be used and is picking one of your opponents in the primaries a good idea?

Before Sarah Palin was chosen as John McCain’s running mate, Mitt Romney was considered the front runner for the job.  Why ? Because of his record in the primaries. Now, whether or not that would have made a difference cannot really be known, but we can look at the statistics  and get a general idea of the possibility.

Mitt Romney won Utah with 90% of the vote, Massachusetts wit 51% of the vote, Michigan with 39% of the vote, North Dakota with 36% of the vote, Montana with 38% of the vote,
Minnesota with 41% of the vote, Colorado with 60% of the vote, Alaska with 44% of the vote, Maine with 52% of the vote, Nevada with 51% of the vote and Wyoming with 6% of the vote.  Out of these 10 states, Barack Obama is leading in Massachusetts by 19%, Michigan by 14%, Montana by 4%, Minnesota by 15%, Colorado by 12%, Maine by 15% and  Nevada by 4%.

Out of these, he may have been able to make a difference in Nevada with 5 electoral college votes, Montana with 3 electoral college votes, Michigan with 17 electoral college votes and Colorado with 9 electoral college votes. The first ones are obvious because they are very close.  Michigan because of his family history there and Colorado because up until the last polls, the race was very close.  This would mean a possible 34 more electoral college votes for McCain.

Then there are the states where Romney came in second.  There are 11 of them and Obama is leading in 8. Some that he could have made a difference in are Florida with 27 electoral college votes and New Hampshire with 4 electoral college votes. Another possible 31 electoral college votes.  McCain still may get some of the close ones and we will never really know if Romany would have made a difference, but the possibility does exist.

Joe Biden did not stay in the race long enough to run up any primary victories, but the theory is that one of the reasons why he was chosen is the fact that he has close ties in two of the battleground states, Pennsylvania and Delaware and Obama has sizeable leads in both of them.

Just a little bit of history, back in the beginning of the country, the person who came in second in the race for President became the Vice President.  Wouldn’t that have lead to some interesting match ups in recent times? Also it would provide us with a little more fun, wouldn’t it?


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